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VF-1 Valkyrie (Super Dimension Fortress Macross)


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The VF-1 Valkyrie is a variable fighter in the Japanese series "Super Dimension Fortress Macross". Known as Veritech Fighter in the US adaptation "Robotech", it can transform into three different configurations or modes:

1) Fighter - Jet fighter

2) Gerwalk (Guardian) - Fighter plane with arms and legs normally used as a VTOL

3) Battroid (Battloid) - Humanoid Meha


The Set

The set is based on the VF-1S that Hikaru Ichijyo used in the final battle scene in the Macross movie film adaptation  "Do You Remember Love". This model has a white, black and red livery. The livery basically identifies the pilot

  • White/light grey with black and red trims - Hikaru Ichijyo
  • White/light grey with black and yellow trims - Roy Fokker
  • White/light grey with black and blue trims - Max Jenius

A single minifig can fit in the cockpit. It is also able to transform into all its three configurations. The wings are able to fold in fghter mode while it has articulated arms and legs in both Gerwalk and Battroid modes.

I am working on alternate heads so you can change from VF-1S to other models such as VF-1J, VF-1A etc.

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