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Crocodile Head Booster Pack - Now Sharks Too!!!

!!!NEW!!!NEW!!!NEW!!! expanded the sets more now so if you dont have thr right monster left you can make one with this body though only one as many more wouldnt be able to fit in the pack

NEW!!! now Ive added the different colour hands to help when you cant find the right one in the bottom of the box!

NEW!!! Ive listend to what everyone said and made some new things like smaller collectible pack types with only 25 instead of 100 croc heads but the big packs would still be made for big moc builders

Do you not ever find that you need just that one more crocodile head for your moc?

From when I was younger I have always been losing the upper part of my lego crocs, so this set is replace for all those.

Inside is 100 croc heads (all green) but could do more sets like silver. If idea is liked i will make other sets like shark head booster packs and probably a minifig hand set.

Support please! :)

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