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Asterix and Cleopatra


Asterix & Obelix is one of the best cartoons ever made,it is for kids and also for adults since movies are out. In this set we have a lot of minifigures and a lot of features including Cleopatra's Throne,pyramid,and some rocks where Egyptians can work.

This set doesn't have any new molded pieces,just new printings.

This set has 847 pieces including minifigures and their accessories.

This set has:

Cleopatra and her throne


4 Egyptian workers (every Egyptian does different work.




And only animal - Camel 

In pyramid there is removable part so we can see what's happening inside where are some walls with new printings and big labyrinth. There are also door so people can come inside or outside of pyramid.

There are some machines which help for building,and there is a place for guy who works on small statues. 

I hope You like this set and You will support it,and please check my other Asterix & Obelix sets:

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