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Ice Cream Shop


Introducing the Ice Cream Shop Modular Building!  The first floor is the Ice cream shop.  It has outside seating, a nice navy blue and gray awning, and a giant ice cream cone sign.  There is a nice sidewalk in front, as well as a street lamp.  Inside, there are two tables: one seats two and the other seats four.  There is also a gumball machine, garbage can, broom, shelf with candy, and of course the ice cream counter!  The back door leads to an alleyway with an outside stair case and a garbage can. A rat has found someone's left-over ice cream and is enjoying it.

The second and third floors make up the apartment!  It includes a couch, kitchen, book shelf, staircase, and bedroom with attached bathroom - the perfect place for two minifigures to live!

The reason I built this model is because I wanted to build a modular building but not have it be as big as most of them.  I thought an ice cream shop would be fun!  My siblings also had a lot of fun because I let them help me a little bit. 

This model would make a great Lego set and a great addition to the Modular Building line!  It is smaller and would be more affordable than most modular buildings, and it wouldn't take up as much space, but would still make a great display! 

Thank you for your support!  Make sure to check out my other awesome creations too!      

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