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Jaws - The Great Shark Chase Diorama

Jaws marked the beginning of an era of the modern cinema. It became the biggest (and the first) blockbuster movie in history back in the summer of 1975, when it was released. But the best thing is that after 45 years, the movie is as enjoyable and thrilling as the first day.

I built a diorama based on the third act of the movie, where Brody, Quint and Hooper are chasing the great white shark on the Orca, the Quint's old fishing boat.

The diorama consists in three elements: The Orca, the shark and the sea display base.

This is not the first time I build the Orca. I did one back in 2015 and another one in 2016, that I posted on my YouTube channel back then as a building tutorial, and it became very popular. The Orca I made for this diorama hasn't changed too much, but there are big improvements, like the interior. The boat has a full interior with two cabins and room to sit the three minifigures around the table.

To build the shark, I used the T-Rex from the Jurassic Park set 75936 as inspiration. Since that T-Rex was a "Spielberg's monster" too, I thought it would be interesting to keep some kind of continuity between the T-Rex and the shark. Most of the pieces I used to build the shark are used in the T-Rex too, and with similar building techniques (and the eyebrows!). I also used the same three-color pattern for the shark (the T-Rex goes from Dark Tan to Brown to Dark Brown and the shark goes from White to Light Grey to Dark Grey).

The shipping boat and the shark are displayed on a sea display base with a black frame. The base consist in two builds, one made with plates and tiles that rest on the frame simulating a wave and the other one is made with 1xX plates and bricks built horizontally with a gap to put the shark like if it were coming out of the water.

Thank you!

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