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Lego House


This is my sixth Lego Ideas project, this is a three level house. On the ground floor there is an armchair a coffee table and infront of it there is a television on top of a bookshelf. On the ground floor there is also a dining table with two chairs, finally underneath the staircase there is a small storeroom. On the first floor there is two room, in the first room there is a grey colored bed while in the second room there is a piano. On the second floor there is a room with a white colored bed and there is also a bathroom on the second floor with a toilet and a shower, finally on the second floor there is a small kitchen in the corner. 

In this set there is a major flaw, on the second floor, there is no staircase nor ladder to lead to the attic. 

This set has about 900 pieces all together and I estimate the price to be about $50-$99. 

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