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DB Class 66 Locomotives

I’ve always loved Lego Trains since I was a kid and given the set 7745 (High Speed Train). Over the last year my kids challenged me to try and build some of the DB freight locomotive trains they were seeing whilst going to school. I took on the challenge and have created 2 different DB locomotives, one being the red DB ‘Delivering for Key Workers Class 66 and the other being the DB EWS Class 66 #66069.

The builds have been really enjoyable and don’t look too far away from those real hard working locomotives we see passing through the village and other South Wales lines. I think they hold their own against some of the Lego issued locomotives of late and the varying colour schemes and graphics have generated a lot of smiles. Both locomotives have been built 6 studs wide so they look great on the modern Lego tracks. They offer some nice unique and customisable options for the builders too, with both the train fronts, internal engines and roof aspects being easily changeable. The EWS Class 66 locomotive 66069 is definitely my favourite with the amazing New Dark Red and Bright Yellow brick colours working well together, along with an attempt at the eye catching zig-zag design livery.

I think a series of Lego locomotives would resonate with a lot of Lego fans and could come with some great additional information on the history of the locomotive operator, the type of locomotive (e.g. Class 66), could celebrate iconic and hard working drivers, and celebrate the big and sustainable contribution rail freight makes to the UK and other economies. There could also be opportunities for limited editions (e.g. locomotive numbers and colour schemes) that would get collectors very interested.

Ultimately these would be fun and would be something families could build and enjoy together. Who doesn’t love trains after all and seeing these locomotives would spark both past and new interest.

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