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DIN-DIN-DIN! XMas time is coming, and the town is turning on lights, sounds and the scent of cinnamon, ginger and hot treats...

Welcome to our XMas Markets!
Here you'd find several ideas for yourself or a perfect gift for the beloved ones...

There's a Book Store, with a great selection of special readings, a well stocked Toys&Sport shop, a corner dedicated to all the lovers of the Do-It-Yourself furnished with all the kind of tools and much more... finally, you can't meed the Food&Drinks area, with a beer tap, snacks, various sweets/salt choices, and the inevitable hot chocolate, bagels and pretzels!

Enjoy your tour, and for the little ones don't forget to leave your letter to Santa, or take a picture with him, in front of our big and coloured Christmas Tree!!! :)

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