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Mini Modern House

Hello to all the LEGO lovers and fans out there!

For my creation I have built a mini modern house with a fully landscaped front and rear yard. The front yard is complete with a walkway, street light and cedar tree while the backyard has a sectional couch, pool and bar. The house itself has a grand entrance that leads into an open concept floor plan. There’s a kitchen at the rear of the house and a dining table in the front window. To the right is a grand living room with a fireplace and floor to ceiling windows. On the second floor is a large master bedroom with floor to ceiling windows on the front and rear of the house. On the top of the house is a large balcony featuring a couch, chairs, table and lounger.

Overall this was a build to experiment with the colours and textures LEGO has to offer. This house was rebuilt numerous times to achieve the appearance I was looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to view my project. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are. Happy Building!

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