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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 99th Precinct


Images update!

Whoops! That didn’t go as planned.
An update was accidentally posted to the project that removed all bar the cover picture. This will be resolved in 30 days, but until then, all images of the updated precinct and figures can be found under this update or on my Instagram!


COMING AUGUST 13TH - 4x New Figures, Smaller Build, MORE DETAIL!

Firstly, THANK YOU!
In around 1 week you amazing people have gotten us back on the map with over 1,450 supporters! Truely incredible! I've been listening to all of your feedback and requests, and am very pleased to bring you Update #1!

Since the first submission of this project, I've had heaps of requests for various minifigures to be added to the project. So I took it to my Instagram page (@legobrooklyn99) and polled which minifigures YOU would like to see! I'm very excited to bring you: Scully, Hitchcock, Doug Judy and Kevin! They're here to stay!

Of course, this project, if accepted, will have to be changed if it can become a LEGO set. Not every single detail I would like to see in a set will unfortunately be able to make it. That is why in this version I've unfortunately removed the briefing room and the interrogation room from the build. This comes with several changes to reduce the build and optimise the chance that it can be a viable set one day. Since the first submission, this set has been reduced by over 2000 PIECES! Yet I would like to think it's kept just as much detail across all of the iterations and updates.
These rooms are gone for now, but maybe not forever. I'm always looking in to ways to minimise piece usage, but maximise detail. So stay tuned! You may see them back soon!

Until the next update, here are some images of the new precinct model! You can find more on my Instagram page! And don't forget to let me know what additions you'd like to see next!

Thanks everyone!

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