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Pinocchio is an Italian novel.
It is one of the world-famous fairy tales and one of the masterpieces of Italian children's literature.
Meet the masterpiece with a LEGO set!This set is based on Disney's Pinocchio animation among various versions of Pinocchio, and is designed by adapted Geppetto's workshop. Complete their story here where Pinocchio was born.

Inside Geppetto's workshop, there is also a toy-making workstation and a small bed for cute tuxedo cat Figaro.

7 minifigures
  • Pinocchio's father, 'Geppetto'
  • Wooden puppet 'Pinocchio'
  • Pinocchio's conscience 'Jiminy Cricket'
  • A beautiful 'Blue fairy'
  • Lovely tuxedo cat 'Figaro'
  • Elegant goldfish 'Cleo'
  • Talking seagull 'Sofia'

Thank you very much for your time and I hope you like it :)

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