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LEGO Games Knight's Kingdom Boardgame

Once upon a time, I was looking through, and noticed there was Knights Kingdom boardgame that nobody ever finished. So, I decided to create my OWN Knight's Kingdom Game. The setting for this game is that Vladek has captured King Jayko, and brought him to his Dark Citadel. Now, knights Rascus (green), Santis (red), Danju (purple) and Accel (light blue) have gone on a quest to free him from Vladek's clutches.

(above: aerial game view)
Vladek's Citadel is the black object in the center of the board. When you roll a number (1, 2, 3, 5,) on the die/dice, you can move your figure three studs. When you roll four, move your figure four studs, and each black microfig (Shadow Knight) one space, or move fewer figures, but the dark knights' moves must equal a total of four; if you land in an adjacent space to dark knight, back away four spaces. If you roll a dark green tile, move one hedge (dark green) to any empty space on the board OR move yourself six spaces.
To win the game, you must move onto a dark knight's start space to fight Vladek, roll to see what happens:
Number tile (1, 2, 3,): You defeat Vladek, free Jayko, and win.
Number tile (4, 5): you lose the fight and are out of the game.
Dark Green tile: you lose the fight, but only return to your start square.

Thank you for viewing my project! BRKTRN
PS: not a "bring back" project.

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