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LEGO Aardvark


Expiring soon! :(

Thank you to everyone who has supported and followed my first Lego ideas project. 

I'll think about improving and resubmitting this project in the near future.




I have taken several photos of the aardvark which I built today. I had to change the leg joints so it could stand up.

The colours of some bricks are not the same as my ldd pictures. I also included 3 lego ants with the aardvark.

The dimensions of this project are approximately:

  • Length = 45cm
  • Width = 12cm
  • Height = 25cm


Improved legs

I noticed that the four legs were not supported from beneath and were not very stable.

I added a flat brick beneath each leg joint to support them.


I will also add photographs of the built project in a few days/weeks time (depending on when the pieces are delivered).

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