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Battle Against Moebius: Xenoblade Chronicles 3


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Living in order to build, and building to live. Such is the way of this LEGO Ideas project, based on the 2022 videogame and Game of the Year 2022 nominee, Xenoblade Chronicles 3! Featuring 6 minifigures and 734 pieces, this set is sure to satisfy both fans of the game, and appeal to those new to the series!
This set contains the main party of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, those being Noah, Mio, Lanz, Sena, Eunie, and Taion, their weapons, a large build for an intimidating Moebius, and a mysterious Ouroborus form, both of which have many points of articulation, making for endless potential poses.

For over 10 years, the Xenoblade Chronicles series has been delivering extremely immersive and deep games for Nintendo consoles, and even before that, they delivered similar experiences with the Xenogears and Xenosaga games. Monolith Soft is so well known for their sprawling landscapes and incredible soundtracks that they assisted in developing Breath of the Wild, one of the best reviewed games of all time!

With this LEGO Ideas project, I wanted to allow anyone to make their house, lawn, apartment, or room into a Xenoblade landscape, and use the figures to explore it, maybe even finding a few secrets in the process! For more display oriented LEGO collectors, they can use the included Flame Clock stand as a way to display the figures of the set, while the Ouroborus and Moebius figures can be posed in numerous ways to display, potentially even recreating iconic battles from the games
The towering and intimidating Moebius is a truly evil being, who uses the Life Force of fallen soldiers to prolong his own life. This particular Moebius is only a single member in a large group, and possesses special claws on his wrists that can act not only as melee weapons, but projectiles that he can shoot out. It'll take the combined strength of the entire team to take down an enemy of this size.

The mysterious and powerful looking Ouroborus form is a fusion of Noah and Mio through the power of Ouroborus. This ability can only be used by those with the power of Ouroborus, and in this form, they’re almost as powerful as the mighty Moebius. This particular form belongs to Noah, and uses two large swords during combat. I’m sure Mio will get her turn eventually.

The included Flame Clock Stand is a convenient way to display the minifigures of the set. The Flame Clock is a tool of Moebius to collect the Life Force of those fallen in battle. Thankfully, all this one will do is look slick on your dresser or shelf, proudly displaying the 6 members of Ouroborus, sorted by their nation of origin

This set would contain:
6 new Face prints
12 new Torso prints (6 front, 6 back)

An Ouroborus print on a blue rounded 1x1 plate, used twice

An Ouroborus print on a green rounded 1x1 plate, used 4 times

An Ouroborus print on a blue rounded 2x2 plate, used once

(Optional) A Flame Clock pattern printed on a 3x3 curved tile

(Optional) Moebius eye printing

(Optional) Interlink mouth printing

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