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Acoustic Guitar.


This Lego project is a scale model of a Lego "Acoustic Guitar".

It has several tiled slopes that make this project look more like an authentic acoustic guitar. This project is my own idea and I based this model in my previous model called "Concert Grand Piano", the concert grand piano had the same sloped tiles but it had them in the back making a curve and tiled back, after looking at my previous model I realized that those same pieces could be used for a guitar. And after several months of working in this project this is what ended looking like.

The project has an acoustic guitar and a guitar stand so that it could be placed on a shelf, office stand, or in your room, and it could be used to play with it for it looks a lot like a real guitar.

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                                                                                                                                - Eduard Reynolds. -

                                                                                                          Builder and designer of this project.