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Cabin rework + other stuff

So, looks like I gained 100 followers, thanks you so much! This is my first submission on this website, so it really means a lot to me! Anyway, let's talk you through the contents of this update.

First off, I reworked the B-pillar (the side windows in the middle of the cabin). The grey pieces just looked so out-of-shape, so I replaced them with some yellow ones and moved the window one stud higher. This is seen on the first picture, where I tried my best at Paint to create a "before and after".

On the second photo there is the cabin, seen from above, with the roof removed. I replaced the steering wheel giving it a yellow base to blend further in with the interior. I also removed whatever that grey-green structure on the right side was (I still have no idea what I thought of when building that in) and put a seat in its place. No, sadly it's still not possible that figurines can sit in the cabin, therefore I've searched a photo where you can see just how low the roof actually is (look at the driver) compared to what one would think (the photo belongs to

The fourth and fifth photos show the now existing license plate (which is from another set, obviously) and the redesigned tailgate. Why? The old tailgate would just not open/fold back whenever the bed of the truck was tipped backwards, which means that the load it was carrying wouldn't mave its way out. Now the tailgate is affected by gravity and folds back normally (as seen on the last photo).

So, to sum it all up again, here's a list:

  • reworked B-pillar
  • removed undefined structure from cabin and replacing it with seat
  • reworked steering column
  • removed lower row of rear windows
  • added license plate
  • redesigned tailgate to better fit the functionality of the build

So, that was it, thanks for reading! Shall you have any further suggestions about possible reworks or new addition of stuff on the truck, write a comment! Again, thank you and stay safe!

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