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Tatra T813 8x8 1:40


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This is a minifigure scale build, though a minifigure is a bit too tall to fit in. This truck is a replica of the Tatra T813 Kolos, built between circa 1965 and 1980. 
The cabin is openable and so is the rear bed, it is possible to raise it up. This truck came in many configurations, I chose the civilian/transporter one. I went for a nice yellow cabin (based of the truck reviewed on Auto-Bild) and a red/grey paint job in the back. It doesn't have any suspension or turning capabilities and it is possible to attach a trailer to its back. (Note: the windscreen I've used is broken, because it's the only one in white transparent that I have). The interior is also as detailed as possible, but there should have been more seats inside, I just didn't have the place. Last thing I did was the underside, I went for a simple driveshaft look.
Hopefully this is a worthy build and if accepted, will hit the LEGO stores soon. Thanks!

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