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Coriolis Starport - Elite Dangerous


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Coriolis Starport

This is the Coriolis Starport from the sci-fi video game Elite: Dangerous.

Made from 1700 parts, this model is 17cm diameter and built to 1:12,000 scale (approx). It is sturdy, despite the hollow interior, and has a detailed quality on the faces. It makes an eye-catching desk toy.

So what is a Coriolis Starport?

The iconic Coriolis space station from the classic 1984 space game, "Elite", was a cuboctahedron with a rectangular "letter box" slot for spaceships to fly in and out of.

In the 2014 reboot "Elite: Dangerous", the Coriolis Starport is still based on the classic shape, but covered in inverted skyscrapers, exoskeleton, and defence turrets, and is a massive 2km in diameter. It still features the "letter box" - a force field protected entrance - leading into the massive pressurised hangar with 45 landing bays for small and large spacecraft.

The Coriolis class of space stations have been around for centuries, and they remain in service across all human-occupied space. They are often found orbiting inhabited planets. These starports rotate constantly, creating an artificial gravity for the comfort and safety of the thousands of residents.

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