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JCB Fastrac 3230


JCB Fastrac 3230

The king of agricultural tractors reproduced in the smallest details in LEGO version!!!



  • rear wheel drive with differential
  • front engine with working pistons
  • steering with working steering wheel in the cockpit
  • additional steering control on the cab roof to increase playabiliy (HOG)
  • front and rear PTO (power take-offs) activated by manual selector
  • front and rear lifts operated by manual controls
  • opening engine bonnet and cab doors


Dimensions and weight:

  • scale 1:17
  • length 25,6 cm
  • width 14,8 cm
  • height to exhaust 18,7 cm
  • weight 0,95 kg



Passionate LEGO builder from an early childhood, I always wanted to build a MOC that had these three peculiarities:

  • aesthetic and dimensional correspondence with the real model
  • really functioning mechanical functions
  • high playability

With JCB Fastrac 3230 I think I have combined the Creator aesthetic with the Technic features and the City playability :-)

The motivation for building this model came from my two sons, great enthusiasts of tractors and agriculture, who indicated to me what vehicle to build and, above all, supported me in the realization with usefull tips.

I think this model can become a successful LEGO set because the "tractor theme" is very suitable for gaming industry and in particular the JCB Fastrac 3230 offers a very engaging, aggressive and innovative image that is also attractive for today's kids.

My children and I hope to see our tractor on store shelves and we thank you for your valuable support!!!