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Mini Disney Wonder, Dream, Fantasy or Magic Cruise Ships!

We all know you want to support the bigger Disney Cruise Ships Project too!!

The Mini Wonder (or Magic, or Fantasy, or Dream)

The Mini Wonder was presented to the Captains' of the Disney Fantasy as a thank you for bringing the big Lego Wonder back to Seattle for us. Read the Big Wonder's story on our blog:

As you can tell, at 235 bricks the Mini Wonder is actually at a great scale.  It's perfect for your office desk, a spot on a shelf next to your cruise memories, or as a symbol of that cruise you still want to take.  This size is also great to fit in that key spot:  The Disney Cruise Ship Gift Store!  You can easily envision the hundreds of these that will fly off the shelves every Disney Cruise week.  So many of you asked if they could buy the big Wonder in the ship's store when I was building it, at this scale Disney could definitely stock it!

You know you want the larger model, but aren't sure where you'll put it, or maybe Lego's nervous about whether a cruise ship that large will sell well enough.  With this project you can still have a Lego Disney Wonder for your home or office.  This one is sort of a fall back plan at a smaller scale.  Its pretty much up to Lego whether we land on this, the larger model, or somewhere in-between when Lego makes it.

You can check out the big ship video at, the blog at, and the updates for the bigger project for more information about the building of the Wonder.

Brickcon 2012 Award

The Mini Lego Wonder also won the "Vehicle Size Matters" category at Brickcon 2012 in Seattle!  (trophy not included, but I did post a photo of the trophy).  Brickcon is one of the biggest AFOL events, held yearly in Seattle in October.  Part of the reason for the award was the entire range of sizes shown at Brickcon, the Micro Wonder, Mini Wonder, and the bigger Wonder. 

Bonus Material

As you know, all of the Cuusoo/Ideas sets so far have wonderful information in their books, and I'm sure Lego'll be able to squeeze in lots of the facts that you've seen on the blog post, about the building of the original models, the award at brickcon, and facts and trivia about the real Disney ships.  We already have a ton of information about the construction of the Wonder for Lego to draw on.

Support and Share

As with the big Lego Cruise Ship project, (remember to support it at the Mini Wonder will be able to be configured as any of the four Disney Cruise ships.  So whether your favorite is the Wonder, the Magic, the Dream, or the Fantasy, you'll be able to have a great mini Lego model.

Please support the project, please follow the project, and please, please, please share on social media.  None of the Lego Ideas projects happen without a lot of broad awareness of the project. 

Thanks for your support!  And please support my other projects too!

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