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Disney Lion King: The Pridelands


Based of the Disney films The Lion King, the Pridelands is a set that has some of the important scenes from the movie.

Pride Rock

Pride Rock is the home to all of the lions. In picture one you can see Simba's Birth. The entire mountain can be seen in image two. Below Pride Rock is a small bush with an action feature. Twist the handle to reveal a burning bush, the final fight scene, seen in picture three.

The Watering Hole 

An important part to life, The watering hole is a place where Mufasa takes Simba and Nala to play. The Watering hole can be seen in image four.

The Elephant Graveyard

The Elephant Graveyard is Scar's Headquarters and contains a decomposed elephant, seen in picture five.

Rafiki's Tree

Rafiki's Tree is the center of the Pridelands and connects all of it together.

The Jungle

The jungle is the final setting with the Hakuna Matata Scene(picture 6), the Can You Feel The Love stream(picture 7), and Mufasa's Reflection(picture 8).

The Minifigures

The minifigures included in this set are Mufasa, Young Simba and Nala, Adult Simba and Nala, A Hyena, Scar, Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Zazu the bird.


This set is built on a large baseplate but can be taken apart for individual play. Check out my other builds. Leave a Comment if you like it. And remember, Please Support. It is a 100% free and will help both me and you get this onto shelves. If you don't have an account, you can make one for free, with just a few clicks. Thanks for checking this out.-Krohit

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