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The Bricksville Hotel


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        After 10-14 days of building, rebuilding, thinking and taking pictures, I am finally able to present to you my newest product idea, The Bricksville Hotel. This model is composed of probably between 1,700-2,300 pieces. I worked extremely hard on this model so please take the time to look at the pictures so that you can see all the detail that I included.
        First, I’d like to start off with the exterior of the first floor. I was able to make a revolving door(and yes, it does turn!!). When building the windows, I used a lot of white slopes to decorate them. Near the door, I also added some flower beds and black benches. Above the door, I made a patterned canopy and a sign. Along the sidewalk there is a lamp and a stop sign. On each wall, there is a window. I also added some ivy on some of the walls.
        Now let’s go on to the interior of the first floor. Here I made a front desk with a telephone and a computer. Near that, there is a closet under the stairs which has a vacuum, a broom and a mop inside of it. There is also a cleaning cart with a mop, a broom, a bucket and a sponge. Also, leading to the second floor, there is a stairway. I also built an eating area for my hotel(these were always my favorite parts in hotels!!!🤣). Here, there is a countertop with a(from left to right) waffle machine, a silverware rack, a small refrigerator(with a few small yogurt cups in it), a small pantry for holding bagels and toast, a toaster, an appliance that holds sausage and eggs and a drink filling machine. For the customers, There are several tables and chairs and a TV.
        Next is the exterior of the second floor. Here I built a balcony with a flower bed for each of the rooms. There are also several windows and some ivy on the walls.
        Now we’ll go onto the interior of the second floor. There are three main parts to this section of the model: the hallway, room 1 and room 2. For the hallway, I made a differently colored rug for each doorway. There is also a dolley for holding bags and suitcases and another stairway leading to the rooftop balcony. For room 1(the room closest to the stairway that leads to the first floor), I built a small refrigerator(with food inside of it) and a microwave and a TV. There is also a bed with a suitcase on it. Next to the bed there is a bedside desk(with a lamp on it) and a bedside wall lamp(with switch). Everything’s the same for room 2 detail-wise except a few small differences. First of all, the refrigerator and microwave are designed differently. Also, there is a coffee cup on the bedside desk and there is no suitcase on the bed.
        The last section of this model is the roof. When I started building this model, I knew that I would include a rooftop balcony. But the idea of what it was going look like changed a few times before I decided that the way I have it now looked sufficient. On the roof, there are some flower beds and a watering can, some tables and chairs and a sun-bathing chair with a table and water cup next to it. Above the stairway that leads to the second floor, there are also two solar panels. In the center of the roof, on the front, I also made a decorative design using a lot of irregular pieces such as microfigures and a golden chalice piece.
        In addition, there are six minifigures that come with this model: two employees and four customers. Keep in mind that this model’s three sections(roof, second floor and first floor) can all be separated from the other sections to make it possible to appreciate the model’s detail more fully.
        Wow, that’s a lot! I hope you like this model and all the detail I included in it. I literally spent every free second I had working on this model, so please, by all means, support it, save it, leave a comment about it and give feedback about it. Also, please take a look at all my other projects. Thank you! :-D

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