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Boston Dynamics Spot 1:3 Scale Motorized Model

Finally, the excitement and innovation of Boston Dynamics robotic technology made available as a 1:3 scale motorized LEGO model! Bigger, taller, and better-geared than the previous 1:4 scale model that achieved support with 10,000 votes, this 1:3 scale version more accurately reflects the correct height-to-length proportions of a real 1:1 Spot. It's all in the legs! Thank you to the enthusiastic fans like you across the LEGO universe who asked me to resubmit.

As an industrial robot, Spot combines dynamic control and balance with sophisticated mechanical and electronic designs. This design approach gives Spot the dexterity needed to traverse the most challenging physical environments.

With LEGO Technic Powered UP functions and block coding techniques, you can build and operate your own mechanized Spot. Just like the engineers at Boston Dynamics, you will learn how to manage the inputs of size, weight, power and geometry to construct your own functional industrial robot. Execute a successful build, and you will be rewarded with your own Spot model to navigate around your home!

If you are interested in STEM, motorized vehicles, industrial robots, legged machines and the future of transportation this model is for you.

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