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Since the rise of the car tuning culture, many people have been customizing their fast cars into faster cars. This nimble looking vehicle is based on the popular Japanese all-wheel-drive rally cars during the 1990s. This car is fitted with stylish wheels and a giant spoiler.

Ever since I got my hands on my first video game console, I have been obsessed with a game based on street racing (street racing is bad). Because the game allowed cars to be customized (and the game was really good), I quickly became a fan of tuners, and like many people dreamed about customizing my very own car some day. I think building this sporty looking noise maker will warm the hearts of many people of my time...or maybe not...

This car is 6 studs wide, and about 9 centimetres long including the spoiler. It is 4.5 centimeters tall and the mini-figure sits upright. The front and rear bumpers can be easily removed along with the roof and the spoiler. The interior colour can be changed by replacing 5 Lego bricks (one is a bit difficult to remove). The design is relatively durable if no vital bricks are removed, which includes the bottom plate if changing interior colour. 

This model can fit one mini-figure. The hood, windshield along with roof can tilt forward with a built in joint. This feature is probably useful because the roof height is really low and I barely tell if the roof is actually hitting the mini-figure’s head. So a 1x4 can be easily added to improve “mini-figure safety.”

Thanks for reading all this (if you actually did) and I hope you enjoyed these pictures (if you saw them).

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