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Sports Tuner


Racing Enthusia

*actual picture in 1440 x 900 in size

Introducing the redesigned front/head lights/grill that gives the Sports Tuner a more aged and aggressive look. Check the other updates and feel free to comment or suggest weather some designs should be kept or put aside.

Now, an unrelated question: What if Lego made a new Lego Racers Game?

Though I haven’t played any full Lego video games, they all seem very much the same. Break everything, build something, next room, repeat. This is one of the reasons why I believe it would be really cool if Lego made a new racing game that opens a greater window for creativity and skill by using the new consoles.

Here is a list of what I have in mind:

  • completely constructible cars
  • car damage (bricks fall off)
  • credit and experience
  • custom mini figure driver (maybe)
  • stickers
  • variety of engine noises (tuneable) (DLC)
  • unlock able special car parts (progression) (in game credit purchase)
  • performance upgrades (in game credit purchase)
  • relatively realistic driving (drift, wheel spin, gear shift, handbrake) (Gran Turismo style maybe)
  • online/split screen multiplayer +leader boards
  • free roam (maybe)
  • twisty and attractive race tracks (maybe all in Lego)
  • custom soundtrack
  • creative challenges
  • preset cars
  • crazy extras

If you’re not interested, please ignore, thanks.Feel free to comment on anything related to any of the updates or the project itself.



Nothing better than a bunch of Lego cars shattering into pieces- so you can build a new one of course!

This Sports Tuner is custom made to look like a bad boy. This new design features: custom colours, custom side design, a slightly modified front bumper, a re-designed rear, and wing.

Support today and you might just be able to buy one of these puppies.

Rear view (new look)

Front view without Micheal Bay


First Render

This single LDD took a whole day to render, but I did it eh?


Underground...where the sandwiches are...

You know that time when I said this car only came in blue?...I lied...

This is a demo of the possible bumper and spoiler designs that can be easily changed. The picture you see below is actually the version with glow lights. You should not be able to see it since it is hidden behind the clear pieces used for the headlights.

I recently discovered that, though the space is really tight in the car, a mini-figure with long hair (mermaid hair piece) can still fully fit. Nice to know eh?

This photo took about three hours to Photoshop.

Don't Like orange? Do you think you got a better colour scheme in mind? Post your suggestion on the comment section, and you might be lucky enough to see your colour choice appear on the next update (No vinyls and decals...cause they're kinda hard...I'll have to think about it).


Pimp da Whip

Oh...wait, maybe that wasn't really appropriate...

Anyways, after recently purchasing a new police motorcycle set. I was able to replace the front two 2x1 bricks connecting the lights to the body with stud-less bricks. The changes are not showed in the image bellow, because this is a older picture Photo-shopped awhile before.

New Optional Feature: Hidden phosphorescent bricks in the hood to glow up the headlights in the dark (not shown in the picture).

I'm sorry if this wasn't worth much to be an update, I just wanted to advertise, I'm just keeping track of my progress.

As you can see in this picture, The car can be easily customized with removable pieces.


Slow Progress But Still Moving on

Because of this project's low rate of success, it is already dead to me. This is fine, because Lego cars are done too many times and it is encouraged that people in general should build something that does more than look pretty and roll around. Clearly, I forgot the idea of fun and learning when I was building this car. Because of this, I encourage suggestions on what I should add. I will still be watching and updating this project so comments will all most likely to be red.

Here are some old pictures for people who like scrolling down.

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