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Design cars on mini figure scale

During my childhood, I always struggled with fitting multiple mini figures in design cars without loosing scale and style.

This 'super car' has the amount of detail of the "model team" models of the past. The model is on mini figure scale (8 knobs, I think still in proportion to real life super car width), so the car can be driven by mini figures and will fit in a Lego city.

This product can be the bridge between playable Lego city cars and design models.

The color theme adds accent to the scissor doors.

This model has scissor doors. There is detail in interior and motor block in the back.

(I choose the transparent light blue head lights for the rendered images. A normal glass color would fit better for this shape. Same for the 'brownish' wind shield).

There can be multiple themes for the design super cars. Besides cars for the city, there can be tuned cars for the race track, including adjusted interior for safety.

Please let me know what you think about the idea and what could add to more realistic design.

P.s. What would be really great is to have some diversity in Lego rims and tires, maybe even special shaped wind screens per model. That could be an extra motivation to buy multiple models.

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