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Imperial Guards Trading Outpost.


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Hi there 
This is my idea of what a  small trading post should look like. I got the idea as an extension of my first project and it fits into my pirate world. I built it because I love the pirate theme and that age. And I think the size and playability in this idea would be great in a set.
You can take the roof of the guard tower and reveal the office of the Imperial Guard officer.

The trading post is also a small inn. The inn is runned by an old sailor and his son is helping out. The inn is often visited by some sneaky minifigs..At the moment theres is 3 veterans staying in the inn.  Wonder what they are up too. 

Under the guard tower in the basement is the old sailor hiding his treasure. But the treasure chest look pretty empty... 

There is 8 minifig and it contains arround 1000 bricks and one cat.  

I hope you enjoy this little build. It was a joy to make it :) 

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