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MechWarrior - Madcat and Mechbay

The Madcat or Timberwolf is a fast, heavy Omnimech. It is an iconic and signature design of the Clans military might.
It is know for its combination of speed and firepower and is one of the most popular, if not iconic mechs in the entire MechWarrior series.

This Lego design includes a fully functional, playable and displayable Madcat mech.
It features operable legs arms and rotating torso, so can be displayed or played with, in a variety of postures. The arms also include firing Lego shooters, to simulate laser fire.
The Madcat, is designed in minifigure scale and contains a mechwarrior within the cockpit and controls.

But where would any mech be, without a mechbay, to add to the playability of the set, this designs a fully functional mechbay.
The main doors slide open and close, the fully functional scissor lift within helps with the repairs and loadout of the mech.
It also features a full functional and sliding hook and crane system that can place the hook anywhere within the mech bay to help with the repairs.

Thank you for your support in trying to get the Battletech/Mechwarrior universe into the world of Lego.

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