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Stella & Benny Spaceship


Stella & Benny Micro-Spaceship

The Stella & Benny micro-spaceship has a Classic Space style. The main colors are blue and grey. It is a micro-spaceship because has a size in the range of microfighter. 

The micro-spaceship comes with two minifigures: Benny and Stella. Everyone knows Benny, he needs no introduction, is the famous 80s spaceman. Stella is a new character, created by me. 

Stella is an excellent space pilot, scientific officer and explorer. As Stella is much more careful than Benny, his helmet is not broken and has no problems with oxygen levels. Stella is a very appropriate name for her, because Stella is a Latin word that means "star", a good name for a female astronaut.
Stella & Benny ship I present also has a name: "LL999 Shooting Star".

I hope you liked this project, if you want to see Stella and Benny explore the Lego Universe in their micro-spaceship, please support the project. Thank you very much!

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