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Minifigure Stand

Hello everyone!

I wanted to present to you my idea for minifigure display. Everything started when I was thinking about some cool way to show my minifigure collection that would suit my other builds. My favourite theme is the Middle Ages, so the choice of bricks and their colors come quite naturally. I'm really happy with the final build I managed to create and that is why I decided to share it with you all. :) I really hope that someone will find it as cool as I do. Also, minifigures are an important part of many collections, so maybe I can inspire someone to do their own version? Or somehow, although I really doubt it taking into account how many UNBELIEVABLY GREAT sets are in here, there is 10 thousand people out there, that would like to have my minifigure stand on their desk? :) 

I wish you a good day, fellow LEGO fan, and stay awesome!

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