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Star Wars: Arena of Geonosis


Beast Gate Area Change

Not too much of a change but replaced some of the areas around the gate with a new look. Including that pillar-like design on the sides.


Acklay Head Update

A simple update to the Acklay's Crest. Small change but big difference! It's not an appropriate scale as well as having a better shape and a more hollow underside. Small update to the belly and frill on the top of the body as well.



Put together a 3D view so you can see all the details of the model in action!

Geonosis Arena 3D scene


Jedi BOB with a stern face in the middle of the battle

Jango Fett

New Orray + Cart Designs

Back of the Arena

Arena Front




The Updated Geonosian


Huge Arena Structure Update

The last update was just for the Droideka. The one before that was the for the Nexu. But here I have decided to go back again and re-moddeled and re-defined almost all parts of the arena. Shortening it's length but compacting it with detail as well as better choices for it's structure and layout. From this stage forward I expect that I will optimize peices and countinue to redefine existing sections rather than further altering the layout in any heavy procedure. The next goal of the project is to hit the 5000 mark so we have a bigger shot at achieving 10,000! So please feel free to share werether you wish. Werether on social media or creating articles with it.

May the force be with you!








Droideka Update

Improved the Droideka from the latest version.



Nexu beast update

The nexu is much smaller now while having more form in the head. The nose detailed could be printed onto/as a sticker onto the bricks holding the back eyes. The same for the fur can be done on the back.


Major Update

Back at it again with another update. Tried to clean the design of the Arena as much as I can while expanding it using large parts for the walls.




The beasts have also been updated. Mostly the Reek and Acklay which have been shrinked down.


Additional Renders

Some additional renders of the area & cart for you all to enjoy.



Below: Orray and Execution Cart


Thank you for Over 700 Supporters!

It is a great start for the Geonosis Arena which has reached many supporters within it's first days with all your contributions to this project. Let end of the week by striving to 1000!

As a thank you for all your support I have pushed myself to get a update soon which includes Mace Windu and Jango Fett as many have asked. Along with them I have added a new version of the arena at the same sort of size but using less pieces from a whopping 1002 bricks to now 790 bricks!

It now includes a smaller but smooth-looking gate and a war room behind the viewing box, (which gives sense to having the arch at the back since it now leads to another area).

Main cover. Notice some brick changes on the Acklay. I did not apply the monster decals on this image so everything would be clearer. Also notice the pillars they use less amounts of bricks now since I used taller parts for the round sections.

Features shown.

View of the top area showing the War Room and the "Jedi Jump" feature which flings Mace Windu into battle after being pushed back by a Super Battle Droid.

Here are the new/updated figures.


Advantages and disadvantages for only the arena section:


  • Less Pieces required for building it
  • New Jedi jump feature that allows you to fling Mace Windu off of the viewing box like in the film.
  • Smoother design overall


  • In this design the big gate that allows you let the Acklay pass easily is absent. It might be able to pass under the left one still if it's legs are folded but requires real-world testing to see if it is indeed true.


Hope you like it and let me know what you think! 

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