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Star Wars: Arena of Geonosis


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Hello and welcome! This is my set proposal for the battle scene seen in Star Wars: Episode II: - Attack of the Clones (2002) taking place within the Geonosian Arena (Petranaki Arena).

This set has never been made before into an official product and so it would be a great scene to implement into the Star Wars line and it would add many new characters/creatures which have not been done before and would bring new interesting colour and decal pieces. 

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Padmé and Anakin face the Portcullis gate as it rises. The Geonosian executioner cart pulls them along to the four pillars at the other end of the arena's stage they notice Obi-Wan to their left as Geonosians secure there hands on to the other pillars. A roar erupts from the Geonosian crowd as three dangerous beasts sprout from three different gates in front of the pillars. "I have a bad feeling about this" - Anakin remarks as the three beasts lumber towards them directed and prodded by various Geonsians on top of Orray beasts.

Can the Jedi face such a test or will the beasts win, while the separatists watch with joy from their high viewing box? You can decided with this potential arena set bend the rules and decide who wins or re-enact the scenes from Attack of the Clones. 

Key Elements this set Contains:

  • Arena wall with two beast entrances,  area to place Geonosian spectators and a viewing box for the separatists looking over the arena area.
  • Acklay creature which was imported from Vendaxa.
  • Reek creature which was imported from  planet Ylesia. It had a red hide due to it being fed meat within the arena and it's pen where it rested.
  • Nexu which was imported from Colganna. It was sent to attack Padme but It was stopped by the Reek under the control of Anakin.
  • A Orray with one Cart (It is ridden by a Geonosian minifigure with no wings)
  • Padmé Amidala minifigure with Geonosis attire but without scratch marks making it different from the 75021 Republic Gunship set.
  • Anakin Skywalker minifigure
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi minifigure with new colours and decal textures.
  • C-3PO minifigure with battle droid body. Not as important to the set as the main three characters but it would rather cool to have him included with a geonosis arena set.

Piece Counts

Note: this is all easily changeable if it were to be a official product. There would likely be changes to reduce piece count in areas using more efficient brick placement and build methods.

The arena section is the piece most likely to change from this draft stage to further stages and it is the section with the most bricks and so these current piece count values most be taken into account with the idea that this still in the idea proposal stage and does not necessarily represent the final product.

  • All: 1921
  • Arena: 1002
  • Reek: 199
  • Acklay: 154
  • Nexu: 88
  • Orray with cart and spear: 166
  • Pillar: 77
  • All 3 pillars: 231
  • Droideka Droid: 34
  • Minifigures with equipment shown in images: 48

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