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Hall of Justice


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Hall Of Justice

Save the Justice League headquarters from the evil Legion of Doom!

Justice League members have gathered when both Solomon Grundy and Cheetah attack the Hall of Justice. Aquaman enjoys a swim as Green Lantern gets a quick recharge and Batman works on his new suit in the lab. The other super friends are spread around the large, open building as warning sounds from the TroubAlert. Two members of the Legion of Doom are boldly storming the building! Help the DC Universe Super Heroes show these bad guys what Justice is, a small jail cell. But watch out for jailbreaks.

Separate minibuilds include the sculpture fountain out front, conference table, Batwing and Invisible Jet for multiple play, display or storage options.

  • Includes 10 minifigures with weapons and assorted accessories: Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Aquaman, Atom, Hawk Woman, and either Bizarro, Giganta, Toyman,  Firestorm, Samurai, Apache Chief, or Black Vulcan.
  • Features a removable wall on the aquarium for easy access, landing pad wide enough for both the mini Batwing and Invisible Jet, laboratory with Batman’s backup suit, armory for weapon storage, Green Lantern’s lounge with mini lantern, game room with pool table and dartboard, holding cell for bad guys with break-away exterior wall, and a statue of Lady Justice.
  • Includes Wonder Woman’s sword, John Stewart’s lantern, Aquaman’s trident, Hawk Woman’s flail and a set of binoculars.
  • Lab accessories include a Bat-arang, 2 beakers, fire extinguisher, and storage for an emergency sample of Kryptonite, just in case.
  • Green Corps members can rest as they recharge with their lantern in the lounge.
  • Heroes can stop by the water cooler or watch television while enjoying darts and billiards because everyone deserves some down time.
  • The aquarium wildlife includes a crab and clam.
  • Keep up with events in Metropolis and Gotham with the TroubAlert.
  • Exterior of building includes a mailbox, recycling bin and manhole cover.
  • Holding cell door opens and the outer wall can be knocked down for escape attempts.
  • Measures over 10” (27cm) high, 19” (49cm) wide and 9” (24cm) deep.
  • Roughly 1,100 pieces.

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