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Choose your roof!

Did you know that a pig kind of introduced Asterix in his very first animated movie Astérix le Gaulois from 1967? That's why I have included a little piggy in my Asterix the Gaul LEGO IDEAS product idea.

I also made a links between the hay cart and the pig, that needs hay to sleep upon and between the hay cart and the roof. In some comic books the roof of Asterix' home is made out of wooden bars but in others the roof is covered with hay. This increases the ability let the cow merchant interact with Asterix in another manner: he delivers hay to Asterix for the pig and for roof covering during the colder days in Gaul.

Credits for the visuals go to Rolf Smit!

Keep on sharing and asking people to support. Let's get to the milestone of 5000 supporters soon!

P.s.: if someone thinks there's no menhir for Obelix, look closely next to him and at the left side of the house ;)


Julius Caesar

Many fans asked for more Romans so I thought: Let’s give them the Real Roman, who really existed in history. The Nemesis of Asterix and Obelix. The Roman dictator: Julius Caesar! 

In the first comic book – on which this Asterix idea is mainly based, please don’t forget that – Caesar plays an important part at the beginning of the book and at the end. He is the general that cannot defeat Gaul in its entirety in the beginning but he is also gracious at the end by giving Asterix and Panoramix his leave. He gives them their freedom.  But it is certainly not the last time that Asterix and Caesar meet each other. In the 37th album from 2017: Astérix et la Transitalique. Caesar himself takes on Asterix and Obelix. He tries to defeat them (masked) in his golden eagle chariot during the Transitalique. 

In this set idea Julius Caesar comes with this chariot and he could rally his Romans to attack the Gauls or to leave them in peace. 


Asterix in the actuality: The Golden Menhir - Cacofonix as a music hero

Last Wednesday (October 21st, 2020) Le Menhir d'Or (The Golden Menhir) was released in France. It is an adventure from the comic book series written and illustrated by Goscinny and Uderzo. But it was not that of real success. Hopefully this time, it will be! Cacofonix or Assurancetourix the Bard is the main character in this quite unknown adventure. He is going to show his talents outside the Gaulish village in the hope that he will win The Golden Menhir. 

I have hinted to The Golden Menhir in this LEGO IDEAS set IDEA. There is a secret place behind the waterfall where the grand price is hidden. To honour the publishing of the new album (which is not a real comic book by the way but a normal book with pictures) I have made a moc of the front cover of the book! It does not belong to the project. In it, there is a variant version of Assurancetourix. And that's only update that contributes to the main build. I hope you like it and I certainly hope that you would like to support Asterix the Gaul :)

This is just a promotional picture for the project besides the alternative Assurancetourix, it is not part of the product idea.  


Asterix in the actuality: Asterix and the Big Fight

In 1989 Astérix et le Coup du Menhir came out in theatres in France. In my country, in the Netherlands it came out on the 12th of October 1990 … 30 years ago! It happened to be on my birthday. This movie is based upon the comics 'Asterix and the Big Fight' (1966) and 'Asterix and the Soothsayer' (1972)

Here is my rendition of the movie poster and VHS/DVD cover in LEGO form!

Here is a better look at Le Devin, the soothsayer and his name is Prolix. In the Dutch version: Xynix which means: I don't see anything! He is an extra antogonist in the Asterix the Gaul playset. Prolix conspires with the Romans to subdue the invincible Gauls but Asterix is not very susceptible to this Gaulish soothsayer ... 



A better look at some Gaulish heroes that back up Asterix!

Assurancetourix or Cacofonix, the Bard - he comes with different instruments: his lyre, a horn without strings ... and a guitar as he briefly has in the movie 'Le Coup du Menhir'.

Abraracourcix or Vitalstatistix, the Chief - he comes with his sword and the shield of Vercingetorix but his shield bearers ran off to a fish fight. There's a hint of a fish fight already going on at the fish monger's place. Can you smell it? Or see it? 

And last, but not least - especially female LEGO and Asterix fans asked for this:

Falbala or Walhalla, the niece of Vitalstatistix and the girl Obelix falls in love with ;) - so she comes with flowers. She is mostly based upon her character in the first Asterix movie 'Astérix contre César'. But her blond hair is directly from the comic books! 

There was also good feedback on my Obelix figure. Now there are two versions of Obelix that I came up with. So I do have the next proposal. 

Perhaps the best way for LEGO is to let him look like Obelix by merging these two concept minifigures together into one. In the picture you can also find two Dogmatix dogs. A small one but that one is brown and Idefix/Dogmatix is white, so I also added an existing white dog. But my preference is the small LEGO chihuahua dog in white and with black pointy ears. Obelix can also hold him in his hand as Obelix often does in the comics.     

To be continued!

Note: check the newer Obelix in the updates above. I made a buildable Obelix with a bigger belly.  

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