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Asterix the Gaul


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Asterix the Gaul and Obelix

Based upon the comic series by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo:
Astérix le Gaulois (1961), Le Combat des chefs (1963) and upon the films Astérix et la Surprise de César (1985), Astérix et le Coup du Menhir (1989) and Astérix & Obélix contre César (1999).

Since I was a child, I am a fan of LEGO and Asterix. So one and one is two! A combination of both of my favorites: LEGO Asterix the Gaul! But keep in mind, it is still an IDEA. And here follows a the description of it. 

The year is 50 B.C. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely… One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. And life is not easy for the Roman legionaries who garrison the fortified camps Babaorum, Aquarium, Laudanum, Petibonum. 

Centurion Caius Bonus sends his spy Bondus to the forest close to the village of Asterix the Gaul and his best friend Obelix. He has to capture the druid Panoramix. Because his potion makes the Gauls invincible. The old and wise Panoramix often goes into the forest to find some ingredients, especially mistletoe, for the magic potion. Can you help Asterix and Obelix to unmask the Roman spy?

Playing the story
The Roman spie Bondus can silently wait in a tree trunk close to the tree for the druid Panoramix to come to the forest. Warning: he could be bothered by an owl who happens to like the tree trunk. 

Can you help Panoramix with his golden sickle in the tree to find his most important ingredient for his magic potion?

When the Roman legionary Janjurcus together with Bondus manages to capture Panoramix, Asterix has to go the the Roman camp Petibonum. To get in there secretly he can use the help of the friendly cow merchant and you can hide our Gaulish hero in the bundle of hay that the merchant carries on his cart.

Obelix can deliver a menhir to anyone who has ordered one. He can be accompanied by his pet dog: Idéfix. Or Idéfix can join Obelix on the hunt for a wild boar close to the dolmen. But Idéfix could be destracted by a frog.

Asterix can receive his friends Obelix, Panoramix, Idéfix and also the merchant in his house to eat roasted wild boar and baguette and croissant as side dishes. You can lit the fire in the chimney. Don’t forget to turn the spit from time to time to get Obelix’ next meal ready! A bone will be left for Idéfix! They can eat inside and also outside. You can remove the table and seats from the house and place them in front of the lawn. It is also possible to roast the wild boar there on a patch of grass above a bonfire. Next to the chimney there is a souvenir tray with some nice items that are reminiscent of Astérix travels to Egypt and Rome.

Panoramix is able to prepare his magic potion in the house, in the fireplace under the chimney and serve it later outside to Asterix. Remember: Obelix can’t have anything of it because when he was a baby, he fell into the cauldron full of magic potion! He will probably stand in line and try to get it anyway.

Asterix and Obelix, and don’t forget: Idéfix, could also meet a Roman patrol in the forest! That only means one thing! Ils sont fous des Romains! Weird guys those Romans! There will be a fight and Obelix can collect their helmets as souvenirs.

Basic idea
The House of Asterix is the main build and is based upon the design of the late Albert Uderzo. It is accompanied by some set pieces to make the surroundings of the house complete. These smaller builds add more nature and color to the house. It breathes the atmosphere of the Gaulish world Goscinny and Uderzo have created. All builds put together gives the LEGO fan a piece of that world of Asterix in his own home. 

In order to get more space to play with the minifigures in the house, you can slide floor with table, seat, fireplace and chimney away from the house facade (entrance, staircase, bedroom and roof). You can lit up the fireplace by pushing a button on left side of the chimney.

The house of Asterix

The oak tree and dolmen

Chimney and dining room (with light brick)

Obelix' menhir workshop

A hay cart of the ox merchant (with hiding place in the hay for Asterix, to get passed the Romans)

A little pool with small waterfall and bridge

Campfire either for serving magic potion or for roasting a wild boar (with light brick)

A set like this needs at least seven characters to tell and play the story. Seven minifigures that play their part are:



Panoramix (his original ‘French’ name, the English version is Getafix)

Ox merchant

Roman spy Bondus (in a tree trunk)

Roman Centurion Caius Bonus

Roman legionary Janjurcus/Sciencifus

Assurancetourix the Bard

Abraracourcix the village chief

Falbala, the chief's niece

Prolix the soothsayer

In the comic books of Asterix the Gaul, animals always play a part in the background. Sometimes they are in interaction with Idéfix. They make the stories of Asterix complete and they contribute to the reality of living in a Gaulish village on the edge of the forest close to the Atlantic Sea. Here follows a list of the animals.

Idéfix the pet dog of Obelix (a chihuahua dog) – white and some black spots
(his original ‘French’ name, the English version is Dogmatix)

Wild boar - to build from LEGO bricks

Frog – dark green

Pig – This pig introduced Asterix in the first animated film “Asterix the Gaul”

Owl – beige, brown spots and brown eye sockets

Lobster – red (an important ingredient for Panoramix his magic potion)

Two oxen with horns - beige cows and white horns

Would you rally behind the Gaulish hero Asterix and his friend Obelix?

This LEGO IDEA is still an idea and as you may know 10 000 supporters are needed to turn this idea in a real LEGO Asterix the Gaul set. It  be would be a must have for everyone who loves Asterix and Obelix. Old fans since the first comic and a whole new generations of fans! For kids it would be a great set to play with! Let their imagination flow. There are enough stories to come up with! Also comic fans in general, all over the world, will try to get a piece of the Asterix comic series in LEGO bricks into their homes.

So if you think, Yes! This should become a new LEGO IDEAS product, please take in your magic potion and hit the support button! And leave as many helmets ... comments as possible! 

Thank you! 

Ganpat the Celt

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