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Genesis Climber Mospeada Ride-Armor


Lancer Belmont and Rook Bartley's Ride-Armors are Complete!

I have just completed Lancer and Rooks Ride-Armor's; expect another big project update soon!


Project Updates Approved!

Today my LEGO Ideas project edits were approved! Here are the changes:

  • Title is now: Robotech/Mospeada VR-052F Cyclone Ride Armor (S. Bernard Tyoe)
  • New project description with info on back story, reference mecha and build
  • Updated design to closely reseamble Scott's VR-052F Cyclone from the Robotech/Mospeada Series
  • New video of transformation from Armor-Bike to Ride-Armor (Battloid)

I hope you like these updates and I also hope to earn your support!



Design update: Lancer's VR-041H Cyclone

I've completed the preliminary design of Lancer's VR-041H Cyclone. There is still some work that needs to be done, so I will finalize it once I complete a physical model. Each version of the cyclone is around 800 parts, so it would be possible to fit three versions of the cyclone in one set!

Lancer's Riding Suit:

Lancer's VR-041H Cyclone:

I will be updating this project soon, with the latest design(s)!


Design Update: New Shoulder and Elbow Joints + Rook Bartley's Cyclone and Riding Suit!

I've improved the shoulder and elbow joints of the riding suite, making it more poseable/playable. Previously the joint at the shoulder was prone to separating when posing the model, this has been fixed.

I've also created Rook Bartley's cyclone and riding suit. Each of the main characters in the animation had their own unique riding suite and cyclone (with the exception of Rand and Scott, whose were almost identical). There are a little bit of tweaks that need to be done for Rook, but her build is looking good so far.

Rand & Rook's Riding Suit

Rook's Cyclone

Up next is Lance!


Design update: Scott Bernard's VR-052F

I've been working on re-designing this model so that it more closely represents Scott (Stick) Bernards VR-052F. Although Scott's Armor-Bike is a light bluish-green, I chose sandgreen since there were a lot of existing LEGO bricks in this color that I was able to use. The primary design changes were to the Armor-Bikes headlights and lower fairing. The transformation into Ride-Armor remains unchanged. Note that the below pictures are renders that were generated using



I will have more pictures of this new design in Ride-Armor mode once I build a physical model.

Total Parts: 836


Video of Transformation Sequence from Armor-Bike to Ride-Armor!

I've created a quick video that shows the transformation from Armor-Bike to Ride-Armor mode. You can view it here:



First Milestone of 100 Supporters Reached!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this project so far! With 100 support, we have met our first milestone, which means the project now has more time for it to be promoted. For that, I am very grateful to you all! Now on to our next milestone of 1000 supporters!

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