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Do you want to save space in your LEGO city? Well now you can will the LEGO city apartments. Now you can have more space to expand your growing LEGO city. These apartments have it all, three stories with a pool and tanning space. A whole little LEGO story is in this LEGO apartment set. Each floor has its own story, the first floor has people checking in, the second floor has a room being sold and a room under construction, the third floor has two detailed rooms where mini-figures are relaxing after a hard, busy, and hot day in the downtown area, and the roof people are partying the night away in the pool and the tanning area where mini-figures are relaxing after a hard day at work. Your mini-figures can help in the rooms and you can make your own story in this 3 story apartment. I built this design because I wanted to save some more space in my growing LEGO city. I believe that this would be a great LEGO set because it would save space in your LEGO city and it will make a great decoration for your room or your LEGO city downtown or neighbor hood.

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