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Volvo Rotveiler

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Grand Prize


Volvo Rotveiler (Rough Terrain Foundation Builder) is an autonomous multi-functional all terrain machine, who's purpose is to print foundation on remote or hard to access places, for scientific research facilities, luxury homes, towers, or any building that benefits sitting on a remote landscape.

Before designing I really tried to think about what actually do we miss today's construction. I tried to stay in the near future scenario, exciting events that are coming up to us, like the autonomous revolution, or traveling to the planet Mars. That's how Rotveiler got it's functions.

Rotveiler can change it's function by switching out the working heads from it's compartment. The functions are:
  • Drilling - for terrain adjustment
  • Dozer - for cleaning the rubble
  • 3D Printing - for printing the foundation.

Every orange gear moves a different part of the vehicle. Everything actually works, and it's a solid structure. I really enjoyed building it in LDD. Hope you like it too! (not physical model)