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Announcing The ‘Help Decorate The LEGO House’ Contest Winners!

We know it's a little early, but seen as we've heard back from all of the entrants, we're very happy to announce the winning entries for the 'Help Decorate The LEGO House' contest in advance! There were so many incredible designs to choose from, so thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.

These winning models will all be displayed in The LEGO House for a year, and each one of the winning designers will receive a signed 40366 LEGO House Dinosaurs set.

Now, let's see the winning entries!



Drumstick Diner by Aido_k


A LEGO Snail’s LEGO House by Aido_k


An Unexpected Visitor by Aleksbricks


Wayfinder: Compass Crustacean by AlexParkDesigns


Japanese Garden Vignette by AuntMaskedSquid


My Turn Please by benlouisa


Space Surprise by Brickpiler


Fight for Treasures by ChaMi


The Gentle Stonegiant by Cyruscrux


Venus Fly Trap House Plant by DanielBarwegen


Where's the Dragon? By DinoCreator


Umi the Jelly by djokson


Surprised Postman by ForlornEmpire


Coral Bleaching by Full Plate


Presentation Without Pants by jackmojo1


Rygas the Basilisk by Jayfa


Orcabird by Legodut


Your Lucky Day by LegoFjotten


Bad Dreams by LegoFjotten


Peacock by Leona15


The Golden Bug by LuisPG


Crazy Visit to The Natual Museum by LuisPG


Bank Robbery by LukashevaInna

Kitchen by LukashevaInna

Bathroom by LukashevaInna


Butterfly on A Flower by LukashevaInna


The Space Miners' Cavern by MiniFigInSpace


Hip Hop Flower by moctown


Great White Surprise by nasa105


The Planticore by NujuMetru


Coffee Cup Café by printed_slope


Royal Guard by printed_slope


Surfing Wave by printed_slope


Swimming Race by printed_slope


No Space For Little Room by Ryanzilbn


Flora Elamentalis by Slick_Brick


Shearing Sheep by The Half Blood Baron


Omicron Centipede by The Secret Walrus


Transhummer by secho


The Wildflower Anglerfish by Water Snap

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