Contest Entry

Minifigure: Presentation Without Pants



I envisioned this model using the boxer shorts legs part as shown in the fifth picture. This is the actual work-in-progress model. The parts I ordered aren't going to be in by the time the submission window closes so I figured I'd get my vision submitted!

I have this recurring dream (nightmare, maybe) that I'm giving an important presentation at work and for some reason I've forgotten to wear pants. Everyone is laughing and I'm just standing there mortified. Well, this seemed pretty hilarious to me so here we are!

As the projector displays the sales figures, our dubious hero presents without his pants. One person has fallen out of his chair laughing, another is doing a spit-take. The boss stands outside the meeting room snapping a photo from his phone and even the guy fixing the lights is looking in on the hilarity. There is one gentleman missing the fun, but he has just walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to his foot so maybe he's better off without all the attention.