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Contest Winners - Build United!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest, we've seen some truly iconic moments and brilliant Manchester United builds. But who are the winners?! Let’s introduce them now. 

Please make sure to congratulate the winners in the comments down below too!:

Grand Prize Winner

United with Manchester by Bluestar13

Here's what our judges said about our winning entry:

We love all of the details in this model showing the surrounds of the original stadium. The designer has done an incredible job of capturing the plan, buildings, greenery, roads, trainlines, and river at such an incredibly small scale. That's not even mentioning the fantastic nanoscale version of Old Trafford!


Runner Up Winner #1

Watching the football game by Hb3

Here's what our judges said about our first runner up:

This build is an amazing display of forced perspective! When we first saw the model, we thought that it was a photoshop job in order to get the scene so nicely fit to the television. The pictures showing the model from a different angle show how clever the whole construction is. The details of the antenna on the TV, the brick-built remote, and the lines on the field all help to make this one amazing creation!


Runner Up Winner #2

The Bicycle 2-1 Winning Kick by Stevenhoward27

Here's what our judges said about our second runner up:

Capturing human forms with LEGO bricks, let alone the human form in motion, is an incredibly difficult task. The builder does a wonderful job of recreating the movement and energy of this iconic moment in Manchester United history, a very hard task with LEGO bricks! We also love the use of multiple scales, with all of the spectators in the background really completing this iconic image.

What's Next? 

You still have a month to enter our 'Music to our ears!' contest, where you have the exciting oppertunity to win retired sets and even the potential for your contest entry to be turned into an official LEGO Ideas set!

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