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United with Manchester

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Grand Prize

Manchester United has been with Manchester since its inception. While Old Trafford has changed and Manchester has changed, the fact that United is with Manchester has never changed. Now it is a symbol of Manchester. So it depicts Old Trafford and the surrounding city.

I am happy to be able to express the old trafford a bit more as Manchester Ambassador Park Ji-sung, football and Lego fans.

I am couldn't express all the environments, but we tried to express many things, including the Manchester United Foundation, hotels, shops, freight terminals, go-kart stadiums, factories, companies, large shopping centers and residential areas. Approximately 16500 parts were used

Like any other football field I posted on Ideas, I wanted to go there myself, but I haven't been there before, so I created a lot of photos and Google Maps. If you compare with the look of Google Maps, you can find another fun.

I hope this will be well received by Lego companies, United officials, Manchester fans and Lego fans.