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LEGO Ideas at Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2019

This past weekend the LEGO Ideas team spent time at the renowned LEGO fan event "Skærbæk Fan Weekend" in the small Danish countryside town of Skærbæk meeting plenty of AFOLs and being amazed by their creations!

We were also fortunate to bump into several LEGO Ideas members who had travelled to the event to exhibit their active LEGO Ideas product ideas! Take a look below and read a little about how they promoted their projects too.


Brick Charlie

LEGO Ideas member "Brick Charlie" was on hand to show off his "The Farmer's Van" product idea consisting of a farmer's car, a hen house and all the necessary accessories. 

Check out his Product Idea



LEGO Ideas member "bramant1" came up all the way from Belgium to display two of his product idea submissions, namely "House from Up" and "Kevin". bramant1 got really creative with brick-built QR codes so that visitors could easily look up his submissions. He even made business cards that visitors could take with them and became a walking billboard as he created a custom t-shirt to promote his two ideas.

Check out bramant1's Kevin and House from Up ideas.



We also ran into "Legodut", an automotive enthusiast, who brought his Audi A4 Cabriolet build to display. To ensure visitors remembered his product idea submission, he also created custom business cards that they could take home with them.

Check out his Audi A4 Cabriolet idea.


LEGO Ideas In The Wild

If you display your product ideas anywhere publicly, then let us know in the comments, email us at or use the hashtag #LEGOIdeasInTheWild on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (your profile has to be publicly visible for us to spot your creation). If you do, we might feature your project! 


How do you promote your Product Idea?

Additionally, we'd love to know more about how else you promote your product ideas in order to gather supporters. Do you use online forums, social media, fan events, regular media or something entirely else? Let us know in the comments. 


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