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The Farmer's Van


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Provide fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and eggs to the citizens of your LEGO city with this ultimate farmer starter pack! Ensure that everyone can get healthy organic food from you – a trustworthy local producer.

This idea includes:

  • The farmer’s car with opening doors and with enough space for two minifigures.
  • A large food supply: carrot, asparagus, apple, cherry, egg and milk in bottle.
  • Two chickens with their house.
  • The farmer and his daughter.
  • Last but not least, a free-range goat, an original LEGO goat. Yes, we really should #bringbacktheLEGOgoat !

Behind the idea:

Do we know what we eat day by day? Eating quality food and knowing its source are getting difficult nowadays. As a conscious consumer, I want to highlight the importance of locally produced organic food and promote it with a nice LEGO set. Furthermore, as a LEGO fan, I wanted to create a set idea that contains a lot of food minifigure utensils and the legendarily hard-to-find LEGO goat. The goat in the pictures was lent by my friend – I don’t have one either! :)

Thank you for your feedback and support.

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