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Contest Winners - Create a Bricktastic Pop-Up Story

We've been blown away by over 400 creative submissions to the "Create a Bricktastic Pop-Up Story" contest that have shown how much imagination can be packed into the restrictive space of the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book! We want to thank everyone for participating and sharing your designs!

The LEGO Ideas team together with Grant Davis and Jason Allemann had a challenging time selecting the the Grand Prize winner and the Runner Up winner, which led us to selecting an additional 5 bonus winners that showcased incredibly impressive pop-up stories. Each of these bonus prize winners will receive a 21110 Research Institute, 21109 Exo Suit and a LEGO Ideas tote bag.


Grand Prize Winner

Neverland by Dalmaster


Runner Up Winners

Ancient Egypt by Phantom Brick


The Sinking of the Legonoss by ethilstone


Bonus Prize Winners

Aladdin Lamp by dicken_liu


Once Upon a— DRAGON!!! by hamMOC


Pippi Longstocking - Villa Villekulla by Versteinert


The Wild West Saloon by eddyk


The Polar Express (revised) by Custom LEGO projects


What's Next?

We're currently taking a small break as we plan the next contests, so stay tuned for more information. But in the meantime, why not build and submit something amazing as a Product Idea?

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