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The Wild West Saloon

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Bonus Prize


Howdy Partner

It's a sunny day in Tulsa Edington. Cowboys enjoy their evening in the town's saloon. Playing cards and listening to the great piano play of Harold Malow. There is a rumor saying that old Jimmy hid some gold by a cactus and a frog like stone in the desert. But beware of  scorpions and snakes when you dig for this treasure. And if it is not the nature you should be worried about, there is also a thief running around! We all have seen the reward paper hanging by the wall of the saloon.

In this Pop-Up Book story we have a western style saloon with cowboys, animals and plants. The center of the saloon has a table for card playing. A bar with a table and chairs is available. We also have a black piano with a chair. The cactus and the bar can be pushed down to be able to close the book.