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Durham Bulls Athletic Park

One of America's most beloved minor league baseball parks, Durham Bulls Athletic Park has served as the home of the Durham Bulls and an icon of Durham, North Carolina since its opening in 1995. Presented here is the ballpark in micro-scale as it appears in 2023. Micro-scale was chosen to make the entire ballpark in a scale fit for display while not making the build too large or challenging.

Despite the smaller scale, you'll find numerous features and iconic elements present. The famous bull sign and hand-operated scoreboard are both present, as is the "blue monster" outfield wall they rest on. Further details include the dual fountains at the front of the ballpark, the field design, bases, press box, all the scoreboard/video boards in the correct places, and a complete seating area. Design decisions were made based on images of the ballpark and the many games I've attended there over the years.

I also decided to make just the ballpark itself and not include the buildings that surround it. This was done mostly to ensure a realistic piece count. Other omissions were made based on similar reasoning, as was the black border around a good chunk of the ballpark.

This would be a fantastic set not only for Bulls fans but baseball and sports fans in general. Lego has already released soccer stadiums at a similar scale, so why not do the same for baseball? At over 1200 pieces, it's sure to provide an engaging build for fans of all ages!

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