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The Chronicles of Narnia

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DATE: 4-2-13
-----I know that there are a couple Narnia projects already, and I think they're great. I just decided to see how mine might do as a project. I'm not saying mine is better than DagsBrick's or Skywalker89's.
but with no further ado, here it goes...
-----My models are taken from the movies not the books. I've posted a few background sets since the main Lamp post set has been thoroughly covered. I like the ideas from DagsBricks on taking it from the book, but, unfortunatly, I don't have that big of an imagination. Skywalker89's wardrobe had good details too, like the simple but effective use of the glass door piece. Good job.
-----The characters would be custom designed. So the ones shown are definitely not the final product. I've a whole three ring notebook full of drawings, hand drawn, for ideas for the characters. All drawn from around 2007 to the present and compiled together. I'm working on getting enough practice on the computer with Photoshop to make some highly detailed minifigures. But those won't be coming for a while, at least until I get a up-to-date version.
-----My sets are all taken from Prince Caspian right now. I've seen that one more than the others and have a lot of details that I can picture without having it right in front of me. I will have the names of the sets below the pictures. These are also not the final product. Lego will more than likely tweek the models a bit to fit in their standards.


DATE: 12-11-13
-Miraz's Castle: Council Chamber-
-----I've removed the image of the stone table. If you'd like to still see it go to my blog and check out the stuff there. My Blog
-----This is my idea of how the council chamber might look. LEGO would, I almost guarantee, scale this down a bit. But it looks cool like this anyways. This is of course where all the Telmarine lords met to discuss Caspian's disappearance. This could be several different sets, divided by the gaps. there's the actual number of chairs that are in the movie. I'm still working on the back part (where Trumpkin is brought in, in the movie). Please Support, enjoy and leave a comment!

DATE: 12-11-13
-Miraz's Castle: Terrace-
-----If you would like to see the River Rush set check it out at my blog along with some other ideas, I've replaced that image with this new idea. My Blog
-----This is the place where the Pevensies have to say goodbye to all the Narnians. The top of the tree rotates (I'm trying to figure out how to make the base rotate too, in LDD). I only have Susan designed, Huge thanks to Skywalker89 for designing her for me (Check out their Narnia Project(s) too). Please Support, Enjoy and Leave a comment!

DATE: 11-24-13
-The White Witches Chariot-
-----This is the first model posted from: the Lion. the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It's the White Witches Chariot. I came up with the idea after I built a chariot with my LEGO's for a movie I was making. I decided it resembled the WW Chariot so I built it on LDD and changed the colors to match the movie's. If you still want to see my Box Art idea I've moved it to my blog which can be found Here.
-----Thank you!!!!!
UPDATE: A huge thanks to Skywalker89 who designed the Jardis Minifigure for me. Be sure yo check out their Narnia project(s).

-The Dawn Treader-
-----This is is my first model outside of Prince Caspian. It is from the third Narnia Movie: The voyage of the Dawn Treader. The tail could use some editing because it's kind of square instead of the nice rounded shape of the tail in the movie. Other than that though I like it a lot. Please give input on it. Special Thanks to Skywalker89 for letting me use the image of their Minifigures. They are excellently done. If you wish to see a bigger picture of them, go to Skywalker89's Dawn Treader Project. For more views of the model visit my Blog:
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Date: 6-17-13
-----BTW I looked at my project again and saw that it had over a thousand views. I know that not everyone is going to support it, but if you don't then could you say what I can do to improve it, or make that would be more to your taste? I go to please the viewer, and I don't really want people to say this is lame or anything like that. If you find it dull in any way please report to me in a comment. I will try my best to fix the issue.

Date: 7-28-13
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