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GreenBuck's Small City Bank


Hello everone on the Lego Ideas Team and Lego fans and builders and people who play with Lego's This is Treetop 2017! I am excited to tell you about my new idea for the Lego Idea's team and Lego Company to consider for the Ideas Page.

My new Idea is called "GreenBuck's Small City Bank" . There are 18 small pieces in this set and 7 big pieces all  in one package. I will list the small pieces first to give you a idea and then I will tell about the big pieces. Here is the list in my idea the first part is two yellow customer bank cards, two red credit cards,  two sun checkbooks, two white 100. bills, 6 green 100.bills,  one gray sign holder with red stop sign, one gray sign holder with flag pole on it, one yellow sign holder with a do not enter sign, one  white sign holder with pole and triangle with smeed limit, 3 white curbs on the side of greenbuck's small city bank, 3 white curbs in front of the greenbuck's small city bank and  one yellow sign holder with red stop sign.

The next part is the big pieces they are  the road with white line, 6 long black pieces of road hooked onto the first part of the white dotted lines, curbs, employee parking lot, employee gates, mini sticks, and the GreenBuck's Small City Bank.

Inside GreenBuck's Small City Bank you have a brown desk with skinny black counter top, two  white cupboards, two computers, two bank reader card machines, two white  computer keyboards, two red receipt printers, a light brown small divider, two white telephone holders with telephones, a money safe with door that opens,  three 100 green bills that are top of the money safe , a friendly smiling  bank employee inside,  and a a customer.

On the outside and back of greenbuck's small city bank you have a gray frame and clear gray door, a employee parking lot, two gates,with two mini sticks, 4 red curbs, a small sidewalk, a friendly bank employee coming into work, a blue roof, a scanner, a red round bank sign, a gray security camera facing the front of greenbuck's small city bank, a black security camera facing the employee parking lot, a gray security camera facing the Employee's back door, and a flag pole.

On the front of greenbuck's small city bank you have a entrance door frame and door, a exit door frame and door, a bank deposit box with door that opens .

I have been told on this sight that i have a great imagination and that i am also very creative with my ideas and i am very proud to hear that coming from people who vote on my ideas. I have a goal in my mind that i one day will reach and that is the 10,000 vote mark to make this idea mine into a real set so every vote counts. I made this idea because i want there to be a third choice for a plain but small bank out on the market. One that does not have any vechiles or other people other then the one i put in so that the customers and voters can have fun playing with it or adding it to their favorite Lego products. I had fun building this idea of mine and it was easy to do it. This set would be great for all ages and for everyone who loves Lego. This set would not be expensive to buy in a store because like i said earlier i did not add any vechiles or other people in it. I hope you will vote on this set and then tell your friends and family members that you voted on greenbuck's small city bank and Thanks.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make this set even more greater you can leave them on the comment page and i will always answer them and take them and thanks for your time. Have a Great Day! Your Lego fan and Builder Treetop 2017!


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