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Haunted Monstrous House

Hi, this is my Haunted Monstrous House :) This haunted house can change into a monster house. As I love the haunted houses I wanted to make one on my own, and one that was a little different from the rest. This is not meant to be a modular building, but it will fit into a base plate. You can lift off floor by floor to get easier access to the interior. there is also lots of play features outside and inside the house (see pictures).
As it stands now there is 2527 bricks in this set, but hundreds of those are dressing to make it look good, so the house can be built with well under 2000 bricks and still look awesome :)
Please support and lets make this a set.

Features of this house :

- 3 separate floors (including hill)
- Transform into a monster house with huge skeletal and wood arms, a mouth with teeth and a                   moveable eye without removing any parts.
       * The arms are fully poseable 
       * The mouth can open and close and has a hole so that it can swallow mini figures.
       * The eye is fully poseable (missing the new eye print for the eye brick)

The hill floor :
- Roots with break away action feature.
- Slide from the mouth to a small hidden exit at the side of the hill.
- A forgotten skeleton missing a foot and a treasure chest with gold.
- The sides of the hill can be opened.
- Room enough to keep the arms hidden.

1 floor :
- Backdoor entry.
- Main doorway / mouth.
- A fireplace.
- The skeletons missing leg.
- Easy access to hidden storage room in 2 floor with a key and a book.
- Stairs to 2 floor. 
- Place for the caped ghosts hat .

2 floor :
- Break away wall section.
- Hidden room under the floor.
- Shelf with the head of the caped ghost
- A locked door leading to the eye of the monster.
- Opening wall to reveal the eye 

Roof : 
- Light brick in the tower, push the spear on top to activate light shining down on the eye and out the          tower windows.
-  ghost with a clear posable stand.

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